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New eyes and ears for your PC!
A new software product designed to give PC users, parents and businesses peace of mind has been launched by www.Emulous.com

The KeyLogger by Emulous.com is a unique product that allows parents and businesses to constantly monitor "human" activity on a PC -for instance whilst surfing the World Wide Web, using internet chat rooms and so on. The system even alerts the user to any harmful, inappropriate or undesirable activity.

The KeyLogger incorporates a computer monitoring system with web-filtering technology and initial trials have generated very favourable reviews, particularly for the comprehensive design features, user-friendly set-up and flexibility. In only a few weeks since the system was launched, over 300,000 copies have been sold across the world.
Protecting families

Designed to keep children safe from on-line threats, Emulous.com’s KeyLogger allows users to monitor all keyboard, programme and Internet activity. The system also prevents children and other users from viewing harmful and unnecessary content and websites.

Parents can customise reports for each computer user and periodically (or for specific events) receive reports of the user's activity sent to their email address. This feature keeps parents safe in the knowledge that they are helping to protect children from paedophiles, chat room predators, inappropriate websites and other Internet dangers.

Safeguarding business
According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the top 1000 public companies lost over $45 billion due to theft of proprietary information by their own employees in 2010. KeyLogger by Emulous.com has already helped businesses to improve their IT security and find employees that were stealing contracts and other information.

The KeyLogger also provides the same peace of mind to businesses as it does to parents, companies can quickly ensure that their employees are not abusing their access to the Internet.

“Emulous offers a range of benefits to very different customers, from domestic users to multi-national organisations," says Christian Champion, Emulous.com's Managing Director, "and we are delighted with the high level of interest shown in our products in such a short space of time. It just goes to show that people are concerned about Internet security and that Emulous goes a long way to addressing their needs."


Don’t Throw Away That Sluggish PC, Say Windows Registry Repair Experts
Newly Released Registry Cleaner Can Help Add Years Of Useful Life To The Average PC
December 12, 2010

There are a lot of people out there who are literally throwing their money away by discarding their two year old or even one year old computers just because they’re not running as fast as they used to. According to Emulous.com as FL based company, the reason that the vast majority of these computers are being sent to landfills by their owners is that they mistakenly assume that their PC is running slower due to being poorly made or simply being outdated, whereas a relatively quick and easy fix can restore most of these computers to running as smoothly as they did the first time they were booted up.

“The problem is that a lot of PC owners aren’t familiar with how the Windows registry works; or even that it exists, in many cases. To put it as simply as possible, the registry is where the operating system stores important information about every software on the computer and nearly every time you start a program or create or edit a file, Windows creates a new entry in your registry to keep track of what you’ve done. The reason that this can lead to trouble is that you eventually end up with a lot of useless entries in there and it takes your PC longer and longer to scan through the registry. A Registry Cleaner can help Optimize your PC in less than 15 minutes.

With Registry Cleaner by Emulous.com™ you can quickly and safely clean errors & invalid entries which cause computer systems to slow down. Our Registry Cleaner will stop freezing and crashing, fix and repair registry problems to speedup your PC performance. Improve your PC performance without expensive hardware upgrades! 100% Clean without any malware.

In a marketplace crowded with Windows registry repair software that are somtimes ineffective, the Registry Cleaner by Emulous.com is something that a lot of people could certainly use if they’d rather get a few more years of use out of last year’s PC instead of trading up to a newer model. With purse strings tighter all over, people are taking more interest in maintaining their computers to avoid having to buy new ones.

Notes for editors:
·    Emulous.com is a software development company based in St Petersburg,FL. The company has successfully completed projects in the healthcare, financial, insurance, retail and marketing sectors.
·    To obtain a free full programme, please visit http://www.emulous.com
A boxed version of PAL is available to the media.



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Registry Cleaner
Keylog Pro 8.0
  • I use KeyLog to monitor suspicious employees in my company. Most of these employees are very tricky, when you come near to them they will switch a few keys and go back to work. With KeyLog Spy software I have proof to warn them for wasting company time.
          - Andrew Davis  

  • KeyLog Pro Spy Software allows me to monitor everything on my home computer. I know which web site my sons are visiting, what program they open ...I can even find out about passwords my hubby used and the best thing is they don't even realize it.
          - Sandra Small  

  • I've been using Emulous Registry Cleaner on all of my household PCs for over a year now and couldn't be happier with the way keeps my PCs humming. Had to reinstall on a new PCs and online support makes it a simple matter to get the product re-registered. Hat's off to a great product and to online tech support that actually works!!
          - Cheryl Lawrence  

  • Recently, I was getting a bunch of error messages popping up, and my computer started to run really slowly. I bought and installed Registry Cleaner. The software found 198 problems and cleaned them all out immediately! Now my computer is running like new again. How does it get any better than that?
          - Wendy Chen  

  • My pc was crashing and had a few error popups. I bought 3 other registry cleaner programs and they didn't solve my problem. I tried out Emulous Registry Cleaner and it found all the problems those other guys missed and solved them all within a couple minutes. Thanks!
          - Paul  




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