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Reputation Management, Online Privacy Solutions and Competitive/Corporate Intelligence by

With All-round Consultancy Services by™ you can quickly and safely find a solution to all your high-end IT needs and even expand your capabilities and give you a competitive edge in your particular industry.

At Emulous, Inc. we offer Reputation Management services to high profile Individuals, Businesses and Corporations. An all round solution to your high end IT needs starts at $599/month and includes Online Reputation Management for a single name.


In addition to all this services we create many different software solutions for different platforms and industries and have extended knowledge in media marketing solutions.

Reputation Management by™ in association with, we have developed the pre-eminent reputation management service. Our primary goal is to ensure that your potential clients see your true positive reputation, not what one angry person wrote or what a competitor may have posted. The end result is simple: make sure that customers will choose your business over your competitor's business. We want you to maintain the positive image you deserve!

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Corporate Intelligence Solutions by™ in association with, we help clients understand the external competitive environment in order to achieve competitive advantage. We do this through a full range of competitive intelligence solutions. Our training and consulting offerings help clients develop and leverage their internal resources, knowledge, and capabilities. Building on those internal capabilities, Fuld’s research and strategy offerings provide world-class external validation and analysis.

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Privacy-Security Solutions by™ works with clients to improve data privacy compliance and increase the understanding and awareness of data privacy/security.

Our services include:

Providing general Data Protection Officer duties on behalf of organisations that due to their size or complexity of processing activities will be required to appoint a Data Protection Officer but wish to outsource this to a third party.

Conducting audits, including one off privacy impact assessments or larger scale audits
Providing bespoke workshops on the impact of the implementation of a new EU/US/Worlwide regulatory framework based on the European Commission’s.

Providing advice on or assistance with the application of Binding Corporate Rules or other methods allowing organisations to ensure a lawful transfer of personal data between the EEA and other countries around the world where your business may operate


Our Reputation Management Solutions start at $599/month.


How We Do It...

We have renowned specialists in their respective fields, from attorneys to SEO specialists, all have come together to give the highest quality ethical product to our clients. We will canvass the internet, searching for any negative reviews/comments written about your business looking for ways to effectively remove or neutralize each, Maximise Information/Knowledge Awareness and Efficiently Gather, Analyze and Process Information and Protect Assets, valuable information, process and operational detail.

While on our Reputation Management arm, we will push the positive reviews written by your clients so future potential clients know the real story about you. We will do our very best to make your business shine in the best light.

Various Services We Offer:

Press Releases - We help inform the public about your company through multiple press releases which are widely distributed through the internet.

Article Submission and Link Building - We push positive articles about your company to over 10,000 different directories, bookmarking sites, and news sources. This way, no matter what people type in, they find the information you want them to find.

Social Media Profiles - We help create multiple social media profiles to advertise different segments of your business.

Push Social Media - We submit your content to all the popular social media engines like twitter, facebook, linkedin, instagram, tumblr...

Build Wiki - For most search terms Wikidpedia ranks number one. We build custom wiki sites for our clients that allow them sole authority of content and posts.

Protect Assets, valuable information, process and operational detail.



  September 25th


Data breaches are becoming ever bigger and more common. Last year over 800 million records were lost.

  October 21st
  Within Cyber-security; cyber crime and online industry espionage has doubled within the past 8 months

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  • Thanks to Emulous I was able to get my name back. Bad reviews are a thing of the past
          - Andrew  

  • Using the reputation management package I was able to build a brand and reduce our negative feedback due to a faulty product during our first few months of business. Thank you.
          - Sandra  

  • Highly recommended I am happy to say that it actually works!!
          - Cheryl  

  • Thank you for all your help in getting our company name back to the way it used to be. We are happy to have eliminated all negative results from our searches.
          - Wendy  

  • Having used the reputation management services I am pleased to say I no longer fear new clients googling my name. Thanks!
          - Paul  



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