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Our Products

Registry Cleaner
Keylog Pro 8.0
  • I use KeyLog to monitor suspicious employees in my company. Most of these employees are very tricky, when you come near to them they will switch a few keys and go back to work. With KeyLog Spy software I have proof to warn them for wasting company time.
          - Andrew Davis  

  • KeyLog Pro Spy Software allows me to monitor everything on my home computer. I know which web site my sons are visiting, what program they open ...I can even find out about passwords my hubby used and the best thing is they don't even realize it.
          - Sandra Small  

  • I've been using Emulous Registry Cleaner on all of my household PCs for over a year now and couldn't be happier with the way keeps my PCs humming. Had to reinstall on a new PCs and online support makes it a simple matter to get the product re-registered. Hat's off to a great product and to online tech support that actually works!!
          - Cheryl Lawrence  

  • Recently, I was getting a bunch of error messages popping up, and my computer started to run really slowly. I bought and installed Registry Cleaner. The software found 198 problems and cleaned them all out immediately! Now my computer is running like new again. How does it get any better than that?
          - Wendy Chen  

  • My pc was crashing and had a few error popups. I bought 3 other registry cleaner programs and they didn't solve my problem. I tried out Emulous Registry Cleaner and it found all the problems those other guys missed and solved them all within a couple minutes. Thanks!
          - Paul  




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